Index to Excel Video Lesson Topics

I have organized this Index page by topic category to help you to locate the many free Excel Video Lessons that I offer, here,  at The Company Rocks.

Notice that I have included a link to the “Archive of Videos” for each Category. Many of my Excel video tutorials are included in multiple categories. However, I have only listed the video title once in this Index. Therefore, the “Archive of Videos” link serves as a good cross reference for all of the free Excel video lessons that I have published on the website for The Company Rocks.

Most of these videos were created using Excel 2007. If I used another version of Excel – e.g. Excel 2003 or Excel 2010 – I indicate it next to the topic (in parenthesis.)

50 Best Tips for Excel 2007

50 Best Tips

Quick Links

These links will take you to “overview” pages for my Excel Tips. Consider each page to be a navigation page to all of the Excel resources that I offer.

Conditional Formatting

Consolidate Excel Data

COUNTIF and SUMIF Functions

Danny Rocks Tips and Timesavers Podcast

I invite you to subscribe to my Free Podcast, “Danny Rocks Tips and Timesavers.” Here are links and previews of the last three episodes. If you subscribe to my Free RSS feed – using FeedBurner – you will be notified, automatically, whenever I publish a new Video Tutorial.


Data Filters and Queries

Data Validation

Date Formats and Functions in Excel

Everyday Calculations in Excel

Excel Basics

Excel Charts

Excel Data Tables and Lists

Excel Date and Time Functions

Excel Financial Tools

Excel Forms

Logo for The 50 Best Tips

50 Best Tips

With a Data Form in Excel, you can add “interactivity” to your worksheets. For example, you can allow your “end user” to click a Spin Button to select a different loan amount or to see how a change in interest rates will effect your monthly payment.

Excel Formulas

Excel Functions

Format Cells in Excel

Goal Seek in Excel

Import Data Into Excel

Integrating MS Office Programs

Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel

Lookup Functions in Excel

Macros and VBA for Excel

Names for Cells and Ranges in Excel

New Features in Excel 2007

New Features in Excel 2010

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

Pivot Tables 2007 DVD-ROM

Pivot Tables Video Tutorial

Pivot Tables are the most powerful tool in Excel. Paradoxically, they are also the easiest tool to use. Without writing a single formula, you can use a Pivot Table to quickly summarize thousands of rows of data. And, you can do this with just a few mouse clicks!

Subtotals and Outlines in Excel

SUMIF and SUMIFS Functions

Text Functions in Excel

Tips and Timesavers in Excel

 What-if Analysis in Excel

Workbooks and Worksheets in Excel

Working with Multiple Excel Worksheets

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