How to Create Custom Headers and Footers for Printing Excel Worksheets

How many times have you wasted time and paper when printing out an Excel Worksheet? Did you:

  • Forget to include the page numbers in the footer of each printed page?
  • Forget to repeat the column titles for the second and succeeding pages?
  • End up with “orphaned” columns that are disconnected from the main worksheet?
Headers and Footers in Excel

Headers and Footers in Excel

And the list goes on and on and …

Most Excel users, in my experience, spend very little time “previewing” their Excel worksheet prior to printing it – and wasting time and money. And also leaving a poor professional image in the minds of their clients and colleagues. 

Don’t let this happen to you!

Page Layout View

Page Layout View is a “working” view that was introduced in Excel 2007. I spend most of this video tutorial showing you how to get the most out of Page Layout View, including the placeholders for Header and Footer Elements. Personally, I spend a considerable amount of time when I am creating a new worksheet working in Page Layout View. Here, unlike in earlier versions of Excel, you can see how adding an additional column or two will effect the printed page. You can also verify that you company logo and other elements are properly positioned – while you are working inside the worksheet! For me, this view is indispensable!

Watch Video in High Definition on YouTube

This Excel Video Tutorial is a little longer than usual – 10 minutes and 14 seconds – and it contains more graphic images than usual. So, rather than embed this as an MP4 Video, I have decided to provide the link to this video on my YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcels. Here is the link:

I produced this in High Definition, Full Screen Video Mode. This video is best watched on YouTube in High Definition. Let me know what you think.

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