How to Create a Summary Report from an Excel Table

Functions for Executive Summary

Functions for Executive Summary

I created this Excel Video Tutorial in response to a viewer who, in her company, is not permitted to use a Pivot Table to create a report. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might think. Nevertheless, I promised to share my tips and advice. I think that many of this tips will help Excel users at all levels.

Tips Covered in this Video Tutorial

  • Use Advanced Filter to Extract a list of unique customer names from a range with @ 4,300 records.
  • Later in the lesson, I show you how to extract this list to a different worksheet – a tip that will save you time when preparing your reports!
  • How and why to convert a normal range of data into a TABLE in Excel 2007 / 2010 or into a LIST in Excel 2003.
  • How to create “Named Ranges” for your key data cells and to use them in your Formulas and Functions.
  • How to use the SUMIF, AVERAGEIF and COUNTIF Functions in your summary report.

Keyboard Shortcuts Used in this Tutorial

  • Ctrl + T to convert to a TABLE in Excel 2007 / Excel 2010
  • Ctrl + L to convert to a LIST in EXCEL 2003
  • Ctrl + A to open up the Function Arguments Dialog Box
  • Ctrl + Shift + F3 to open the Create Names Dialog Box
  • F3 to open the Paste Names Dialog Box

I decided that I will only make this video available on YouTube – I think that you will enjoy the clarity that you get from the High-Definition / Full Screen Mode.

Watch Tutorial in High Definition on YouTube

Follow this link to view this Excel Tutorial in High Definition on my YouTubeChannel – DannyRocksExcels

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  1. hi Danny:
    sorry if I might have left a comment already on Youtube, but since I’m not sure that worked, I’ll leave the same question here.
    Followed your great tutorial, unfortunately I’m not getting the summaries to update as I enter new data in the data input spreadsheet. Went over the methods a few times, and my whole data input range is defined as a table so I’m not sure why it’s not updating.
    Thanks for your help

  2. Hi Nick –
    From your comments, I imagine that you are appending records to your Excel Table.

    In the video that I created for this lesson, I created “Named Ranges” for the current Data Set.

    When you want to extend the scope for your named ranges, go into the “Name Manager” dialog Box – on the Formulas Tab of the Ribbon. Select the named range you want to edit and change the right side of the definition to e.g. B2:B1048576 to cover the entire range of cells for that column.

    Danny Rocks
    The Company Rocks

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