Two Ways to Create a Frequency Distribution in Excel

What is a “Frequency Distribution?” A good example is to see how frequently daily sales are “under $75.00” or how often they range “between $75.00 and $150.00.” Once you know how frequently a result occurs, you can better focus your attention on that particular segment of your business.

In this short 5 minute and 45 second Excel Training Video Lesson, I demonstrate two approaches to creating a Frequency Distribution Report:

  1. Use the =FREQUENCY() Function – this is an ARRAY Function.
  2. In a Pivot Table, Group the Row Labels to produce a Frequency Distribution.

An ARRAY Function has two “Got’cha steps:”

  1. Select all of the cells that will contain the results before your enter your Array Formula.
  2. Use the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keyboard combination to enter your Array Formula.

You can watch this video here on my website, you can download it via an RSS Feed or you can watch it as a Podcast at the iTunes Store.

Learn how to “Master Excel in Minutes – Not Months!”

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