Working With Array Formulas in Excel

There are at least two benefits to using an Array Formula in Excel:

  1. They will speed up creating your formulas by, in many cases, eliminating intermediate formulas.
  2. They will add a level of protection to your formulas because you cannot edit the individual cells in an Array Formula. You must edit “all” of the cells.
Array Formulas
Array Formulas

In this lesson, I first demonstrate how to select and use arrays with the SUMPRODUCT() Function in Excel. SUMPRODUCT is a very handy function to use when you want to first multiply (PRODUCT) the cells in two or more arrays and then total (SUM) the results.

Next, I demonstrate two ways to create Array Formulas. Notice that in the second example that it is important that you remember to select ALL of the cells that will contain the results of the Array Formula. It is vital that all arrays are of Equal Size (Same number of cells in the same dimension – horizontal and vertical).

Entering Array Formulas

Use the keyboard combination of Ctrl + Shift + Enter when entering an Array Formula. Do not press the Enter key alone – this will result in an Error for your formula! Some people refer to Array Formulas as CSE Formulas to remember the Ctrl + Shift + Enter combination. Notice, in the Formula Bar,  that Excel automatically adds { braces } around the Array Formula. Do not enter these manually.

Editing Array Formulas

You gain a level of protection for your formulas when you use Array Formulas because you cannot select a single formula cell to edit it. You must select all of the cells that contain the Array Formula before you can edit it – or delete it. If you don’t select all of the cells first, you receive an Error message in a pop-up window. Remember to press the “CSE keyboard combination” when you complete your edit of the Array Formula.

Learning to use Array Formulas is an essential skill to acquire if you want to master Excel. I guarantee that you will be able to write more accurate formulas when you use arrays.

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