Introducing Live Preview for Paste Special in Excel 2010

Paste Special Gallery

Gallery of Paste Special Options

I have always loved the many “Paste Special Options” available in Excel. Now, in Excel 2010, there is a great new tool available – “Live Preview of a Gallery of Paste Special Options” – to help you to discover or to choose the best way to paste items copied to the clipboard.

From either the Paste Menu on the Home Tab of the Excel 2010 Ribbon or from the right-click shortcut menu, you can hover your mouse over one of the Gallery Icons to see a “Live Preview” of your Paste Special Option Selection.

When I demonstrate this feature ┬áto my clients, they are amazed to discover the many options that are available! Of course, some of these same clients are also “overwhelmed” by all of the choices on the menu!

That is why I created this video – to help you to discover and to select the best Paste Special Option for your needs.

Paste Between MS Office Programs

Later in this video tutorial, I also show you how to use the Microsoft Office Clipboard and the Gallery of Paste Special Options to copy a data set from Excel and Paste it as a Picture in a Word document. With the Office Clipboard, you can cut, copy and paste up to 24 items between Excel, PowerPoint and Word. However, you must first open up the Office Clipboard for this tool to be available to use.

Additional Paste Special Features in Excel 2010

I have decided to produce an addition video tutorial to demonstrate how to use some new Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel 2010 to take advantage of the Paste Special Options.

Watch Video in High Definition Mode

Click here to watch this video in High Definition, Full Screen Mode on my YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcels

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