Learn How to Protect Your Excel Worksheets

Protecting your Excel worksheet is a two-step process. Understand that, by Default, all cells in the worksheet are “locked.”

1) Your first step is to select the input cells that you want your end-user to be able to type in or edit and “unlock” them. That is the “got’cha” step.

2) Next, you go to the Review tab on the Ribbon – in Excel 2007 – and apply the Protection options that you want to be in place for the worksheet.

I like to apply protection to any Excel worksheet that I intend to distribute to end-users. I want them to be able to interact with the data, but I do not want them to be able to change the formulas and formatting that I worked hard to put in place.

Understanding the need to “unlock” input cells while “locking” formula cells is the key to successfully protecting your Excel worksheets. I walk you through two examples in this short video lesson. In addition, I show you how to protect your entire workbook – with or without a password.

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