Three and a Half Ways to Average Excel Data Using Criteria

AverageIf Function in Excel

AverageIf Function in Excel

It is easy to use Excel’s AVERAGE Function to get the average for an entire range of data. But, what if you are asked to produce a report that shows the average for select groups of records – for example, average test results for the female students only; or for the male students only? What approach do you take? What Functions do you use to produce this report?

Three and a Half Ways to Produce this Report

  • SUBTOTALS – Easy to use. Remember to sort your data first using the field that you want to subtotal.
  • AVERAGEIF Function – Very easy to use. Only works in Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.
  • DAVERAGE Function – Will work in any version of Excel. Easy to add or change the Criteria.
  • PIVOT TABLE – Very easy to create. No need to write a formula. Create report with @ 6 mouse clicks!

My Preferred Approach – Create a Pivot Table Report

While Pivot Tables are the most powerful tool in Excel, they are also one of the easiest tools to use in Excel! Why?

  • Because you can create a Pivot Table Report without writing a single formula!
  • You can create this Pivot Table Report with about six clicks of the mouse.
  • You cannot possibly harm your underlying data when you create Pivot Tables!

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