How to Generate Multiple Reports from One Pivot Table

You can create an Excel Pivot Table with just a few mouse clicks. And, with just a few more clicks, you can change – or pivot – the design of your report. Most people who use Pivot Tables know this. However, I find that most Excel users do not know that you can generate multiple reports – each one on  a separate worksheet – with just a few clicks. This is a tremendous time-saving tip!

Generate Multiple Reports

Multiple Reports

Pivot Table Report Filters

When you place one or more fields in the “Report Filters” drop zone of your Pivot Table, you will be able to generate multiple reports from one Pivot Table. Report Filters were introduced in Excel 2007. If you use an earlier version of Excel, this drop zone is called, “Pages.” Report Filters allow you to create interactive views of your data. If you use Dashboard Reports, you will want to include Report Filters in your Pivot Table.

In this video, I demonstrate how to generate reports – each on an individual worksheet – for the values in your Report Filter Field. Whenever I demonstrate this technique in a class or to a client, I always get a “gasp of excitement.” Most people say, “That’s incredible. Do that again!”

Create a Calculated Field

I also show you how to Create a Calculated Field in a Pivot Table. You do not need to return to your source data to add additional fields and then recreate your Pivot Table. Why keep redundant data? Rather, create as many Calculated Fields as you need in your Pivot Table.

Copy Your Pivot Table

You can prevent “Pivot Table Bloat” when you make copies of a Pivot Table rather than creating brand new Pivot Tables from the same source data. Watch as I demonstrate how to do this.

Follow this link to learn how you can “Quickly Create Pivot Tables and Charts”

Here is the link to watch this video in High Definition on my YouTube Channel, DannyRocksExcels

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