Use the Show Values As Formulas in Excel Pivot Tables

Show Values As

Show Values As in Pivot Table

I participate in a number of Group Discussion Boards on LinkedIn. In this video tutorial, I address one question that was recently asked:

“Is it possible to show a Percentage of Running Total formula in a Pivot Table?”

The answer is, “Yes, if you are using Excel 2010. If you are using earlier versions of Excel, you can use a work-around outside the Pivot Table.”

New in Excel 2010

A great new feature introduced in Excel 2010 is the drop-down menu for the “Show Values As’ in a Pivot Table Calculation. In earlier versions of Excel, the Show Values As option was not so obvious. And, I found that many of my clients did not know how to use it – or could not locate the drop-down menu.

Work-Around for Show % of Running Total

While the “Running Total in…” calculation has been available for quite some time, the “% of Running Total in …” formula is brand new in Excel 2010. The work-around that I demonstrate is to first, create the Show As “Running Total in …” formula. Then change the Font and background of these cells to “White.” Next, write a standard formula “outside of the Pivot Table” that references these cells. Be sure to turn off the “GetPivotData” Formula when you write this formula.

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