Don’t Subtotal Excel Data, Use Subtotal Function Instead

Subtotal Function

Subtotal Function Numbers

I used to love creating Subtotaled Reports. They are useful. They are easy to create. But they are also “clunky.” In my opinion, there are too many steps to take when you wish to see a Subtotal for a different field or to use a different function in your Subtotals.

Let me introduce you to the Subtotal Function in Excel. Here are several ways to take advantage of this function:

  • You can place the Subtotal Function in any cell on your worksheet – it does not have to reside directly below your data field.
  • You can use the Subtotal Function in connection with Data Filters – to get the subtotal for the visible cells in a filter.
  • You can use any of the 11 functions available to the Subtotal Function (Sum, Average, Count, etc.)

Watch This Video in High Definition on YouTube

This file size for this video is a little bigger than usual. So, to watch it, click on this link to view it in High Definition Mode on YouTube.

Subtotal Function Part Two

I have decided to film a second video lesson on the topic of the Subtotal Function – Using Subtotal Function in Excel Tables and Lists. Click on this link to watch my second video on this topic.

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