How to Embed an Interactive Excel Workbook from a Sky Drive in Windows Office Live!

For the past two or three months, I have been uploading the Excel Workbooks that I use during my video tutorials to my Sky Drive at Windows Office Live! – Just this past week, I learned that I can also “embed” those stored files here – in a blog post – on my website! So, here is my first attempt to share an “interactive Excel Workbook” with you.

Embedded Excel Workbook

This Excel worksheet is one of the basic data sets that I use when I demonstrate how to create Excel Pivot Tables. Scroll horizontally or vertically to see the Pivot Table. Notice that you can use the drop-down filters in the Pivot Table!

Click the Icon in the lower right corner of the Excel WebApps frame and you will be taken to my Sky Drive online where you can view or manipulate the worksheet in Full Screen More. Or, you can choose to download this file to your computer to work on it with the full range of Excel commands.

Download Excel Video Tutorial Recordings for $9.95

If you want to learn more about Pivot Tables, click on this link to gather information on my new series of Extended Length (one hour +) Excel Video Tutorials. You can download these videos to your computer for only US $9.95 from my WebEx by Cisco site – – I store all of the Excel Workbooks that I use in the lessons on my Sky Drive online!

Watch This Video Tutorial in High Definition on YouTube

Follow this link to watch my step-by-step instructions to accomplish this task – in High Definition – on my YouTube Channel, DannyRocksExcels.

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  1. There is one “gotcha” in using the embed code from SkyDrive in a (the free version) blog. WordPress, for security reasons, strips “iframe” code. It works on blogs, like tis one, that is hosted outside of WordPress. I would appreciate learning of a work-around.

  2. Hello Ludwig – Thank you for your comment. Honestly, I do not have an answer for you. As you noted, I use WordPress.Org hosted on another webserver – not the free – hosted for free – version.

    I do not have any experience with the embedding problem that you point out. Frankly, I just started trying this technique – embedding – during the past few days. If I do find a “work-around” I will share it with you.

    Danny Rocks

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