How to Take Advantage of the Go To Special Dialog Box Options in Excel

Go To Special Options

Go To Special Options

In my opinion, the Go To Special Options Dialog Box offers some of the most useful tools in Excel!


Because, ¬†you must…

Select Cells Before Performing an Action on these Cells

The “key” to understanding ANY MS Office or Windows Program is… You MUST select a single cell or a range of cells BEFORE you can perform an action on them – e.g. Formatting you selection, deleting your selection, editing your selection or auditing your selection.

Tips Presented in this Video Tutorial

  • Select cells with Comments – so that you can “format” these cells to make them easier to identify.
  • Select cells that contain Constant Numeric Values – so that you can easily “spot” cells that should – bu do not – contain formulas.
  • Select cells that contain Specific Types of Formulas – e.g. Text Formulas – to “audit” your formulas.
  • Find the “Last Cell” in your worksheet – the last cell that contains EITHER content OR FORMATTING – This can be an “eye-opener!” for you.
  • Select the cells that contain Data Validation – perhaps you failed to “validate” all of the cells in a range.
  • Select the cells that contain Conditional Formatting – perhaps your did not select ALL of the cells in a Range BEFORE you applied a Conditional Formatting RULE!
  • Learn how to select the “Visible Cells Only” before performing a copy and paste operation – especially helpful when copying the “collapsed cells” for an Excel Outline.

I am positive that Excel users at ANY LEVEL will be able to pick up at least one solid tip from this Video Tutorial. Please send me your comments to let me know what you learned – or what you need clarification on.

Watch Tutorial in High Definition Mode

Follow this link to view this Excel Tutorial in High Definition / Full Screen Mode on my YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcels

Learn About My New Extended Length Excel Video Tutorials

I have just published the first in a series of “Extended Length” – 90 Minutes – Video Tutorials, “Excel Pivot Tables to Summarize, Analyze and Present Your Data.” Follow this link to learn more about this tutorial. I have created separate versions of the tutorial for Excel 2010, 2007 and 2003.

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