How to Drill Down in a Pivot Table to Display the Details for a Summary Cell

Drill Down in a Pivot Table

Drill Down Details in Pivot Table

Excel Pivot Table Reports are a great way to summarize the results of multiple records in an underlying data set.

However, at some point, someone will question the accuracy of a specific calculation in your Pivot Table – this is to be expected.

When this happens. you can quickly “drill down” to display the details for any summary cell in your Pivot Table. You simply “double-click” the summary cell and you get to review the detail on a new worksheet in your Excel workbook.

Refreshing a Pivot Table

The key points to understand about Excel Pivot Tables are:

  • You cannot change an individual value in a Pivot Table.
  • You cannot update any changes from a “drill down” worksheet in a Pivot Table.
  • After you edit your underlying data set, you must “Refresh” your Pivot Table to get the revised calculations.

Formatting “Blank Cells” in a Pivot Table

One aspect of Pivot Tables – displaying “blank cells” – is disconcerting to many people who are using or viewing Pivot Tables for the first time. In this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to customize the display of these cells that have no underlying values to calculate.

View this Tutorial in High Definition

Follow this link to watch this video tutorial in High Defintion on my YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcels

Master Excel Pivot Tables in 90 Minutes!

Click this link to find out how to download or purchase a DVD-ROM of my extended length video tutorials for Excel Pivot Tables.

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