How to Freeze Row and Column Labels While Scrolling an Excel Worksheet

Split Panes on Worksheet

Split Panes on Worksheet

This is Part 1 in a multiple part series of tutorials. I am responding to the requests of several viewers who want to know the best ways to view an Excel Worksheet.

Freeze Panes and Split Bars

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to use the three commands on the Freeze Pane Menu:

  1. Freeze Top Row
  2. Freeze Panes – Rows above and Columns to the left of the Active Cell
  3. Freeze First Column

When you need more flexibility to control the visible panes on your worksheet, use the Split Bars. I show you how to apply, modify and remove Split Bars – Vertical and Horizontal – on your worksheet.

With the Split Bars, you gain additional Navigation Scroll Bars – One above the Split and one below the Split with a Horizontal Split Bar. And, one to the left and one to the right of the Vertical Split Bar.

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