How to Use Date Functions and Date Formatting in Excel

In this lesson, I respond to two recent requests from viewers for help in Using DATE Functions in Excel and also, how to apply Custom Date Formatting. I get similar requests on a frequent basis from both viewers and clients.

Solve Problem #1 

My first viewer wants help in using the DATE() Function in Excel. She wants to calculate a date that is 90 days after the starting date for a project. She encountered two problems

  1. Initially, the DATE() Function produced and error – because she forgot to ‘nest” the YEAR(), MONTH()+9, DAY() Functions inside the DATE() Function.
  2. She was not expecting a date to be filled in the formulas column when there was no starting date for the project – She needed to include an IF() function to perform a LOGICAL TEST – Does  the Starting Date = 0, Value if TURE, ” ” (to display nothing), Value if FALSE – to perform the calculation.
Excel Custom Date Formats

Excel Custom Date Formats

Solve Problem #2

My second viewer wanted my help to ensure that the date values that he “pasted” into a range of cells were in the (Custom) format of “yyyy-mm-dd” (Year, Month, Date).

In this case, we need to take two steps:

  1. Format the destination cells using the CUSTOM FORMAT of yyyy-mm-dd that we create.
  2. After “Pasting” the Copied Cells, use the “Paste Options” dialog box to select – “Match Destination Formatting.”

I also demonstrate how to use the NETWORKDAYS() Function and the WORKDAY() Function – with an optional list of “Holidays” to exclude. And, finally, I show you the “pitfalls” that occur when you import a “text” file of dates that use a variety of formats. In order to perform DATE calculations, a date must be stored as a NUMBER in Excel. It must be right-aligned in the cell.

You can watch this Excel Video Lesson in High Definition, Full Screen Mode on my YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcel – by clicking this link.

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