Create a Pivot Table for a Water or Hydrological Year

A viewer asked for my help in creating a Pivot Table Report that is based on a Water Year – also known as a Hydrological Year. In North America, a Water Year begins on October 1 and ends on September 30. If you use a Fiscal Year in your reporting, you will want to watch this Excel Training Video Lesson.

Pivot Table for Water Year

Pivot Table for Water Year

Add Two Fields to Source Data

In order for a Pivot Table to summarize non-calendar years and quarters you will need to have two additional fields in your source data:

  1. A Fiscal Year (Water Year) Field – Use the IF(), MONTH() and YEAR() Functions to produce this.
  2. A Fiscal Quarter (Hydrological) Quarter Field – Use the CHOOSE() Function to produce this.

Now you are ready to create your Pivot Table Report.

Group Dates by Month and Year

Begin by grouping the Date Field by Month and Year – not, in this case, by Quarter. Now, remove the new Year field that you just created and add in the Water Year Field and the Hydrological Quarter to the Pivot Table. Continue to arrange the Pivot Table to suit your needs.

Since there is no direct way to change a Calender Year into a Fiscal Year or Water Year, you must prepare your data prior to beginning to create your Pivot Table. Now that you have watched this video lesson, you know how to do this!

Learn how to “Quickly Create Excel Pivot Tables and Charts”

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Follow this link to watch this video in High Definition mode on my YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcels

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