Use a Combo Box to Dynamically Change Your Excel Chart Data

You can “drive” your Excel Charts – dynamically change the data behind the chart. Focus your audience’s attention on the information that you are discussing. Let your audience see a chart that illustrates the scenario that they select.

To do this – add a Combo Box that lists the choices for each chart display that you offer!

(Click here to view my free Excel Training lesson on Combo Box Controls for more information.)

Key Steps to Take:

  • Use the INDEX() Function to look-up the values for your chart data.
  • For the 2nd argument in the INDEX() Function select the cell that is the “cell link” for your Combo Box. Use the F4 Keyboard Shortcut to make this part of the formula “Absolute.”
  • Insert the Chart Type that best represents your data. Position your chart adjacent to the Combo Box.

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