Dynamically Expand the Source Data for Pivot Tables in Excel 2007

Without question, the new Tables Tools is my favorite feature  in Excel 2007 – this feature, alone, is worth the price to upgrade!

When you format a Data Range as a Table in Excel 2007, you can “append” new data to the table and the Table definition automatically expands to incorporate the new cells! If you create Pivot Tables based on a “Named Range” for your source data, this is GREAT NEWS!

Now, after appending the new data to your “Named Table: in Excel 2007, when you refresh your Pivot Table, you automatically get updated data in your Pivot Table report.

This can save you hours each month – at what – $50.00 per hour? $100.00 per hour? Watch these savings add up each month of the year

(Note: This is a re-post so that I can feed this video to my Podcast at the iTunes store.)

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Learn how to “Quickly Create Excel Pivot Tables and Charts.”

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