How to Add Scroll Bar Controls to Excel Forms

This is the fourth in my continuing series of Excel training video lessons on Adding Form Controls to your worksheets. Here, I demonstrate how to Add Scroll Bar Controls to a Loan Scenario. Form Controls help to make your Excel worksheets “interactive,” and they are great tools to add when you distribute spreadsheets to users who may not be proficient in Excel.

Understand the Cell Link

The key concept to understand with Form Controls is the “Cell Link.” The form controls are merely “drawing shapes” until you actually link them to a cell that controls their output. The “got’cha” step for Scroll Bars – as with Spin Buttons – is that the Maximum Value is 30,000. So, if you want a control to show a loan amount of, for example, $300,000.00 you make the Maximum value 300 and then create a formula that references the “cell link” and multiplies it by 1,000.

In my research on Form Controls, I rarely find authors who mention this point – and, in my experience, this is how most Excel users get “tripped up” when they want to add Form Controls to workbooks to make them interactive. Watch as I walk you through each step in this process.

Please, let me know if this video lesson has helped you to better understand how Excel Form Controls work. Add your comment below – I promise to respond to your comments!


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