How to Use the Average Functions in Excel 2007 and 2010

The new AVERAGEIF and AVERAGIFS Functions were introduced in Excel 2007. In this lesson, I demonstrate how and when to use both functions. If you are using an earlier version of Excel – e.g. Excel 2003, I show you how to use a Pivot Table to produce the same results.

Average is not the Median

The Average Function is the “Arithmetic Mean” of the range of cell values. This means the Sum of the values in the range divided by the Count of the cells with numeric values in the range. Many people confuse this with the MEDIAN sale which is the “middle value” in the range. Half of the cell values are above and half of the cell values are below the result of the MEDIAN() Function.

New AverageIfs Function in Excel

AverageIfs Function

New Functions in Excel 2007

Watch the video to see how to use both the AverageIf and AverageIfs Functions. I recommend using the Function Arguments Dialog Box and Named Cell References with these functions. Pay attention to my use of “Mixed Cell References” in the AverageIfs formula. Doing so makes it easy to write the formula in one cell and then copy it across the range of cells.

Here is the link to watch this video tutorial in High Definition on my YouTube Channel.

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