How to Group an Excel Pivot Table Field to Summarize By Hours

Pivot Table Summary Report By Hour

Pivot Table Summary Report By Hour

After viewing my previous video tutorial, one of my subscribers asked me to demonstrate how to actually summarize a minute-by-minute Excel report into an hour-by-hour report.

My viewer was unfamiliar with Pivot Tables – as are many Excel users – so I created this video to show him – and you how to do this.

Group a Pivot Table Field

Begin by right-clicking a single cell in the Time Field and choosing Group Field. In the dialog box, deselect Month and choose Hour. That’s it – it’s that simple!

Apply Conditional Formatting to the Top 10%

Beginning with Excel 2007, Conditional Formatting has been tremendously improved. Watch how I apply a “Top 10%” Conditional Format Rule with three mouse clicks!

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Whether you are a novice or an experienced user of Excel Pivot Tables, you will learn some great Tips and Techniques when you purchase my 90 minute video tutorial: “Summarize, Analyze and Present Information with Excel Pivot Tables.”

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Watch Video Tutorial in High Definition

Click on this link to watch this Excel Video Tutorial in High Definition on my YouTube Channel – DannyRocksExcels


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