Excel Pivot Tables: Master them in 90 Minutes!

90 Minute Video Tutorial Complete with Practice Files & Instructional Manual

Do you want to learn how to master Excel Pivot Tables?

Do you want to learn Pivot Tables at your own pace?

Pivot Tables 2007 DVD-ROM

Pivot Tables Video Tutorial

Do you want to be able to practice your new Pivot Table skills by using the same Excel worksheets that I use on the video?

Do you want to have a step-by-step Instructional Manual so that you can take notes as you follow along with the video?

If so, then you will want to own my 90 minute video tutorial, “Master Excel Pivot Tables in 90 Minutes!” I am Danny Rocks, Catalyst for The Company Rocks, and I offer:

Your Choice of Media

Pick the Excel Version You Need!

I am pleased to give you the choice of Pivot Table Instruction for the Excel version that you are using. You can purchase:

Take a Video Tour of “Master Excel Pivot Tables in 90 Minutes!”

Follow this link to take a short – 5 minutes – video tour of my new video tutorial,  “Master Excel Pivot Tables in 90 Minutes!”

What Will You Learn on the Video Tutorial?

I have created individual chapters on the video so that you can quickly go to the lesson of your choice. Over the course of 90 minutes, you will learn how to:

  • Create your first Pivot Table
  • Learn what is new in each version of Excel Pivot Tables
  • Learn how to Filter Pivot Table Fields to focus in on the information you want to present
  • Refresh your Pivot Table when the underlying data set changes
  • Change the way your Pivot Table Summarizes your data – Including year-over-year calculations
  • Create Calculated Fields for your Pivot Table – No need to go back and add these to your data set!
  • Create Groupings within your Pivot Table Fields – for example, create a Month, Quarter, Year Report from a field of daily transactions
  • Create and Filter Pivot Charts to visually present your information
  • And more   !

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