Master Excel Pivot Tables in 90 Minutes! Click Image to Take a Video Tour

90 Minutes of Video Tutorials, Excel Practice Files, and Instructional Manual

Master Excel Pivot Tables in 90 Minutes

Do you want to learn how to use Pivot Tables in Excel 2010. Excel 2007 or Excel 2003?

Do you want to expand your skills so that you become a Master with Pivot Tables?

Do you want to accomplish all of this in 90 minutes?

Well then, I have the answer for you!

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What Makes My Video Tutorials Unique?

Focused Topic

90 minutes of in-depth video instruction on Excel Pivot Tables. Start at the beginning by creating and modifying your first Pivot Table. Progress through video chapters that demonstrate how to Filter and Sort Pivot Table Fields; Create Top 10 Reports; Change the Functions to Calculate Pivot Tables; Group Pivot Table Fields to create a Month, Quarter and Year Report with 6 mouse clicks and much more!

Video Instruction for the Excel Version You are Using!

You may be using Excel 2003 in your office and either Excel 2007 or Excel 2010 at home. I have created my tutorials for each version of Excel. Pick the version that you need help with:

Pick the Format that You Want to Purchase

I give you options to purchase my Extended Length Video Tutorials in the format that you prefer:

Click here to see all of the versions and formats available for “Master Excel Pivot Tables in 90 Minutes!”

Additional Resources to Assist You to Learn Pivot Tables

In order to become a Master with Excel Pivot Tables, you must practice your new skills. That is why I include all of the Excel Worksheet Files that I used while filming these video lessons. I also include a PDF of the Step-by-Step Instructional Manual that you can print out so that you can take notes as you watch the video chapters.

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