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How to Create Custom PowerPoint Slide Shows

Do you carry around multiple versions of a PowerPoint file – one for each of your five customers? Have you ever carried the wrong version? Have you ever forgotten to update each version with the latest information?

If so, you need to learn how to create and run a PowerPoint Custom Slide Show. You can even hyperlink to custom shows within your main presentation! And, no more File Save As – you only use one file!

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Perform Break Even Analysis with Excel’s Goal Seek Tool

As a small business owner or investor, you ask many“what-if?” questions. In preparing to present your business plan to an investor you want to know your “break even” point. Fortunately, Excel has a great tool – Goal Seek – that can save you time by creating multiple scenarios to help you determine your goal – to break even!

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Using Social Media to Engage Customers

Social Media can help you to grow your business. In order to use social media successfully, it is helpful that you follow a proven process. The AIDA process has successfully guided direct mail marketers for years. It is a perfect match for helping you to get customers to click deeper into your website: to turn their curiosity into an action; to make a sale; to make an appointment.

To see how to apply AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) to your internet marketing plan, click to watch – or download –  this short 5 minute video.

You can read and download this article – Published on EZineArticles

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How to Animate SmartArt Diagrams in PowerPoint

SmartArt Diagrams were introduced in Office 2007. Using SmartArt on a PowerPoint slide is a great way to present a business concept. They are much more interesting for both the audience and the presenter  – compared to “boring bullet points.”

However, when you want to engage your audience, it helps to apply Custom Animation to the Smart Art so that each part of the diagram appears in the order – and with the timing – that you want.

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Use Excel’s Goal Seek to Find Formula Error

A viewer wrote me seeking help with a formula. He was calculating a monthly payment for a loan using Excel’s PMT() Function and he was surprised at the result of the formula. I reviewed his formula and discovered that it was not a “formula problem.” Rather, it was a “results problem!” Watch this short video to see how I solved this problem for my viewer by using Excel’s “Goal Seek” tool. So now, instead of a monthly payment of $10,666.67, the result is $501.38 – a very different result!

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Two Ways to Produce an Executive Summary of an Excel List

On one of the technology blogs that I follow, there is a debate over the best way to produce an Executive Summary of the information in an Excel Data List. Some people like the idea of using Excel’s =SUMIF() Function for this while others recommend creating a Pivot Table as the summary.

You decide – after watching this short video demonstration using both approaches. And, add a comment or drop me an email to let me know your thoughts.

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