Upgrade Your Book Purchase

Well Amazon has done it again – yet another technology invention that is extremely useful to certain of their customers.  You can now “upgrade” certain of your book purchases – provided you have purchased a physical copy – from Amazon – and the publishers permits this feature – you can, for @$5.99 obtain electronic rights to that book!

According to the Amazon.com website here are the advantages to “upgrading” your purchases:

1) Start reading the book on-line while you wait for your physical copy to arrive. (DR – Okay, so you can choose to save money on shipping to offset the $5.99 “upgrade” price.  Some value to that.)

2) Add highlights, bookmarks, notes. or tags to any page or section of text.  (DR – all of the advantages of digital delivery.  To be expected.)

3) Print pages, and even copy and paste text from the book.  (DR – All the while doing so legally.  You are not violating copyright because the publisher has sold you this right – for this particular product.)

4) Read your book from any Internet-connected computer, meaning your book is always with you.  (DR – Ultimately, this is the premise of eBooks.  But now, you are not dependent on have a (proprietary book reader or special software.  Just an Internet connection to your Amazon account!)

Amazon informed me that I had already purchased 4 books that would qualify for “upgrades.”  So it looks like only a small number of publishers have signed on to this so far.  Publishers are always a brave lot!  I don't understand why more of them have not licensed Amazon to make the “look inside” the book feature available.  Who would ever have the time or patience to copy one (random) page at a time to avoid actually purchasing the book?

OK – who would want to purchase the “upgrade” and how would they use it?

1) Researchers – who would benefit from having legal digital access to books containing pertinent facts, etc.

2) People who travel a lot – and don't want to carry the extra weight along.  Or who forgot to pack a favorite title, etc.

I fall into both categories so I could see a reason for taking advantage of this service.  And, since this service only pertains to books that I purchase from Amazon (so far) it gives Amazon yet another competitive edge – and a reason for me to confine most of my book purchases to Amazon!



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