Time and The International Date Line

“Time – unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.”

– Peter Drucker

Greetings from Australia! I just “lost a day” by crossing The International Date Line.

Losing a day…. Where did it go? Time flies, I agree. But losing a day by flying (across The Date Line) – that is still quite a concept to grasp.

Increasingly, I am attuned to time. How to make the most of it. How to prioritize my activities. How not to waste time. How to better manage my time so that I can accomplish what I want to.

Time – once it is gone, you can never get it back.

Except… when I return to Los Angeles from this trip. I’ll get back that day that I lost when I re-cross The International Date Line. What will I do with that “found” day?

Better question: “What will I do today? How will I manage my time, today? What will I do in order to accomplish what I indentify as my priorities?

I am going to start by reviewing my list – while I am having my morning coffee.

Have a great day! Use it wisely. You will never get it back.



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