Remembering Bill Schultz

I just learned that Bill Schultz, the retired Chairman & CEO of Fender Guitar has passed away.  Bill was a terrific guy, a music industry legend and he will be sorely missed.

As a young man in the industry, Bill made a tremendous impact on me.  For many years I attended the Musik Messe in Frankfurt, Germany.  Bill and I were both early risers and frequently we were the first people at the breakfast buffet each morning.  We would chat pleasantly for a few minutes most mornings.  Sometimes, we only exchanged a nod of recognition.

That Bill would even know who I was, let alone be interested in what I had to say and think gave my self-confidence a great boost!  Bill was a humble man.  Many other executives would never have even looked in my direction.  Bill was always approachable and interested in learning.

Bill's accomplishments were legendary.  We are a better industry and music education has greatly benefitted because of Bill's efforts and dedication.

Fender has a lovely tribute to Bill on the home page.  Please take a few minutes to visit and remember our good friend.

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