Modern Marketing – Part 2

OK – Two weeks after the new Tony Bennett Duets album was released, I was finally near a Target store and had the time to go in and purchase the Limited Edition CD / DVD combo – “exclusively available” at Target. 

I did enjoy the short (20 minute) DVD in the recording studio about the making of the album. And I am glad that I have it just in case I do not TiVo the broadcast special on November21 (sponsored by Target.)

I doubt that I will ever look to Target stores to be my main source when purchasing CDs and DVDs in the future.  However, several interesting factors came into play during my short shopping experience at Target yesterday.

Wow – those stores are big – and no aisle goes straight through – like a maze! Interesting concept – keeps customers inside each department.  But, the CD department is all the way in the back of the store.  Limited selection; decent signage.  While I was looking for the Tony Bennett album – and they had a TV showing the “Happy Birthday Tony” promo ad in the department – I noticed the new Diana Krall CD – “From This Moment Out” – ALSO with a bonus track – EXCLUSIVELY available from Target!

OK – I am a sucker for “exclusive content” from my favorite artists.  No price shopping for me – if it is attractive and exclusive, I want it – and I don't look to save a couple of bucks at another store or on-line!  Very clever of Target.  It reminds me of why I buy CDs at Starbucks – They have it first (Ray Charles' “Genius Loves Company”) or it is a Starbucks original by artists that I like.

I'm not sure if Target is making money on its sponsorship of the Tony Bennett project.  They did from me because I ended up buying another CD – Aaron Neville's new “Bring it on Home … the soul classics” CD – all at full price!  I suppose the whole point is to bring certain desirable demographics into Target stores.

Here's the lesson that I think is valuable for retailers:

Find a way to bundle, manufacture or otherwise “brand” certain products as “exclusive to (your store.”)  When you use this tip selectively, it prevents customers from price-shopping your competition – only YOU sell this particular assortment.  I think that it also elevates your image in the minds of customers.  Certain customers value exclusivity – I do – and are willing to pay for it when it is something that they desire. 

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