Learn to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate your slides

The Tech Republic website posted a nice compact listing of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to navigate forward and backwards during your MS PowerPoint slide shows.

The list is compact. It is not comprehensive. It doesn’t need to be. You have enough on your mind as you prepare to run your show. Master just a few of the keyboard shortcuts and you will add to your level of confidence.

Did you realize that you can “blank” the screen during you slide show? You might want to do this during a Question & Answer session, for example.

The “B” key will give you a “Black” blank screen. And the “W” key will give you a “White” blank screen. To return to your slide show, click either the “B” or the “W” key – they are “toggle” shortcuts.

Remember to keep the focus on you and your message – not on the PowerPoint slides!

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