How to Distinguish Cell Content from Cell Formatting in Excel

Cell Content vs Cell Formatting

Cell Content vs. Cell Formatting

Many Excel Users are surprised to discover that the Delete Key does not clear the formatting for the selected cell or range of cells. This can cause some unusual “surprises” you you or one of your colleagues later uses this “Deleted” Cell Range!

On the other hand, some cells must be formatted properly in order to return the correct result. This is especially true for cells that contain Time and Date Calculations. For example, in order to properly calculate a Sum of Hours that exceeds 24 hours, you need to apply the Custom Format [h]:mm to the formula cell.

Topics Taught in this Tutorial

  • Adding the Clear Command to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).
  • Using Go To Special – Last Cell, to find the last cell in the worksheet that contains either content or formatting – or both!
  • Understanding how Excel Stores Dates (as a Serial Number) and Times (as a Decimal Number) vs. How you use Cell Formatting to make Dates & Times easier to understand.
  • Using Keyboard Shortcuts to add the Current Date – Ctrl + ; (semi-colon) or Current Time -Ctrl + Shift + : (colon), or to “Toggle” between Formulas and Displayed ResultsĀ  -Ctrl + ~ tilde).

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