How to AutoFill the Letters in the Alphabet in Excel

 One of my viewers would like to be able to AutoFill the Letters in the Alphabet in his Excel Workbooks – he creates Alpha-Numeric Part Numbers for his products.

Two Ways to AutoFill Letters in the Alphabet

  1. Use a Formula – =CHAR(ROW(A65)) and AutoFill Down in the Column – This is not ideal
  2. Create and Use a Custom List in Excel. – So, use the Formula to create your list of 26 Alphabetical Letters. Copy the List and use Paste Special Values to convert the formulas to values. Then create your Custom List.

Using the CHAR() Function in Excel

There are 255 ASCI Characters that you can use in Formulas. For example, =CHAR(169) will return the © Symbol. In this lesson, I share a great Keyboard Shortcut that you can use to add this Symbol into the Footer of your printed Excel worksheet – Watch the video to discover this!

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