Did I get My WPM Count Just Right?

As a follow-up to yesterday’s article, I produced a PowerPoint Presentation on the topic of “words-per-minute( WPM) when speaking. Watch – and Listen – this video recording. Am I speaking “too fast”- for you? “Too slow” – for you? Or, is my WPM count “Just right” – for you?

Yesterday’s written article is 515 words in length. At a normal WPM count of 150, that would make it @ 3 minutes and 45 seconds long. That is a good length for broadcast via the Internet in my experience.

As I was creating the PowerPoint slide presentation, I realized that I would have to add a few words to the narration. I wanted to ensure that it would make sense to viewers watching the presentation- even with the added visual aids and the graphics on the slides. And, of course, I did deviate from the script occasionally. As best I can determine, this presentation contains 600 words and the video lasts 5 minutes. So my WPM is 120.

This is much slower than my normal speaking rate (close to 160 WPM.) I wasn’t trying to purposely slow down. After three practice runs, this is the pace that felt natural to me.

What do you think? Is my WPM “Just right” – for you?

Please share your comments with our readers and viewers below.

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  1. Very well done Danny.

  2. John D'Addario, Jr. says:


    Very insightful and quite interesting. I never gave it much thought but it makes a great deal of sense.

  3. Thank you Dave & John. I appreciate your kind words.

    Yes, once you start to think about the concept it makes sense. Unfortunately, I have sat through too many presentations where the speaker left me no alternative but to “tune out.”

    I make it my mission, now, to vary my rate of speaking to match my audience’s level of understanding and engagement.


  4. Thanks Danny. You are a great speaker. Obviously, this is part of what makes the really good speakers such a joy to listen to. By the way, you must have taught Alan Friedman everything he knows about speaking.

  5. I definitely think that this is too slow, it makes it harder to focus and really listen to what you are saying. But brilliant article!

  6. Hi Mariah –

    Thank you for you comments.

    Too slow / brilliant article – Well… that is the essence of the conundrum that we face today

    How to create a scintillating comment in a (very) few seconds!

    It is hard work – worthwhile work, yes – to create content that grabs attention, captures interest, and motivates the audience to take action. Very challenging. And, ultimately, the prize!

    I try. I aspire, I hope… to achieve – that balance between intriguing – and actionable – content.

    Thank you for you interest – and your challenge!

    Danny Rocks


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