Business Blogging 101

I found an interesting article on the Business Week website: “Social Media Will Change Your Business.” (click here to read the complete article)

This is why I found it interesting:

  1. The article was originally printed (yes, old media) in the May, 2005 version of Business Week Magazine.
  2. It was also published on-line. The editors say that they continue to see this article downloaded by thousands of visitors.
  3. The article is now fully “annotated” with updates, corrections and extensions to the original article.
  4. For me, this reveals the true promise of electronic publishing. No longer can we say, “It is set in type.” Dead media comes alive!

For anyone interested in a quick, informative introduction to the world of “Social Media” – and how it may impact your business, your products and your customers – this is your starting point.

If you enjoy the article, share it with your friends. And… tell our readers what you think. Add your comments below.

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