Book Review: Marketing Your Retail Store – In the Internet Age

I love this book!

If you operate a retail business, regardless of size or industry, you need to buy this book – now! In my opinion, it is the most practical and tactical business book for retailers who want to learn how to attract and retain customers. For every concept covered, Bob & Susan Negen provide both “Low-Tech Tactics” and “High-Tech Tactics” for the retailer to implement.

The ‘Low-Tech Tactics” are so simple and intuitive that you can put them into practice immediately with little or no cost. There is a helpful rating system (Money, Time, Effectiveness for building customer relationships) for each tactic. I found the ratings to be realistic. The “High-Tech Tactics” are, for the most part, the “Low-Tech…” on steroids! Same principle – just employing technology because it is (eventually) easier, faster, more efficient, more effective and more relevant – to your customers!

The book is structured to work you through the Four-Stages of Your Customer Life-Cycle:

1) How to Get New Customers without Going Broke

2) Turn a First-Time Buyer into a Regular Customer

3) Get Your Customers to Shop More Often

4) Keep Your Customers for Life

Sound simple, doesn’t it? And it is. That is … if you are committed to implementing the practical tactics outlined in the book. But your first step takes place inside… Your head! You need to take on a “Marketer’s Mindset.” That means becoming aware of what other people in other industries are doing (to attract and retain customers) and then adapt these tactics to fit your business – and your customers.

Independent retailers have one powerful “competitive advantage” over the big-box retailers and Internet-only retail outlets: Your relationship with your customers. The “big-bucks” retailers capture “transactional” customers. Independent and local retailers must learn to become effective at initiating and nurturing “relationships” with their customers. You can “personalize” each interaction with your customers. You can employ “high-touch” communications with each customer. You have the ability to “wow” your customers each time they visit your store or get your newsletter.

“Marketing Your Retail Store – In the Internet Age” shows you how to do this. In plain, practical and conversational language. With clear, easy-to-follow steps. With lots of “hot tips” and “They Did It…” case studies that model success for you.

And… lots of resources that you can obtain – for free! – on the author’s website –

Take advantage of these tools. But buy the book! Mark it up. Tear out the pages – e.g. “The Ten Commandments of Copywriting for Retailers.” – This one page alone is worth the price of the book!

Commandment # 3 is “Write From Your Customer’s Point of View.” This is the guiding philosophy of the book – Everything that you do, say and offer must provide value and a benefit for your customers!

If you want to know how to set up an effective website, buy this book!

If you want to learn how to implement effective marketing plans, buy this book!

If you want to learn how to “become a broader resource” for your customers, buy this book!

If you want to make more sales, take home more profits, and learn to have fun while you do business, you owe it to yourself… buy this book!

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