A Week Working On My Business

I just returned from a week of meetings, educational sessions, networking and fun! I was attending they annual National Association of School Music Dealers Association (NASMD) convention in Tucson, AZ. For all those who attended it was a worthwhile investment – time spent working on your business. Taking time away from working in your business in order to learn – from peers and professionals – how to do a better job running your own business.

As you know, I strongly encourage all of my clients and colleagues to become active in a professional association. I believe that it makes the difference for any individual who is interested in building a career instead of just holding a series of jobs. Professional associations are also vital to the success of any business. I always enjoy witnessing the friendships renewed and initiated during the social and networking events at an association meeting.

This is especially important for managers. Building a support system of colleagues who work in your industry – who share many of the same problems and frustrations that you do – is a key to your success. In my experience, I have seen managers who had been close to total burnout suddenly revive – once they had the opportunity to share information with, learn from their peers who work at similar stores around the country.

For me, the week was wonderful! I had so many opportunities to meet with my friends in the music industry. I enjoy attending educational sessions with my peers and then sharing our opinions and learning opportunities with each other. This year’s sessions were very well planned. I especially appreciate the time and effort that each “outside” speaker devoted to learning the problems and intricacies of the school music dealers. The speakers offered specific suggestions (as opposed to general concepts) that each audience member could put to work in their business right away.

It really is amazing how much energy I expend at an association meeting. The days start early and I tend to go non-stop until I return to my room late at night. I operate at a high level of engagement during the meetings. There is so much information to absorb and process each day.

I will be sharing some of this information with you in the next few weeks. It was important for me to step away for a few days – and to really work on making my business better. I will start applying some of what I learned – now!

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