Statistics Do Not Tell Complete Story

Recently, I was asked to contribute an article on persuasion to another blog. It is a text article. And, I like the way that it turned out.

Here, is a video presentation of that article. Increasingly, I am inclined to contribute video blogs – in addition to traditional text blogging. Both forms of blogging are attractive and each attracts its own audience.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on both: the topic of video vs. text blogging and on the content of this blog on persuasion.

Here are the Words per Minute Statistics for this article.

  • @475 words.
  • Length is 3:27 minutes
  • WPM Count = 136 – This is slower than my “normal” WPM count of 160.
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  1. Joe Bredau says:

    Hi Danny: Thanks for the email presentation. I prefer the spoken power point vesus just text. Here’s why. Even though I will read the text and will recognize the areas of importance hearing the reflections in the voice, feeling the areas of importance and connecting the audio to the video sets emotion and this makes the message clearer and more rememberable.

    Take care,

    Joe Bredau

  2. Great presentation of important info. I agree with Joe that the aural version is more effective. I must admit I wasn’t aware that there was an associated powerpoint till I read his note as I had started your presentation and did some filing while I listened. I’ll be using some of this in a presentation later this week: Thanks!

    With two hours a day in a car, I’d find a podcast version of your blog that I could download for daily listening would be ideal. While I noticed a “podcast feed” button on the page, I didn’t see a way to subscribe for ipod downloads.

    Nice Job

  3. Hi Danny: of course I prefer to listen to your manipulative :-) voice rather than just reading the informative text. It is a good language exercise for me in any case and of course, as always with your presentations, so helpful.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon in SLC, Ulrike

  4. George Hines says:


    Danny, Thanks for sending. I enjoyed both versions. The advantage of audio powerpoint version is the added benefit of voice inflection, tone and corresponding video that can enhance clarity and I believe on that basis could be the best delivery system. The advantage of the written blog which I read first before listening to your audio powerpoint is that it allows you to stop when you read a particular point and contemplate how you can use the information which I did at least once while reading the article. As you said there is a place for both with the advantage in the future being heavy on the audio powerpoint especially as the delivery system for that technology allows you to take it with you via cell phone, kindle or whatever comes next. Please keep me on your list. Best Wishes, George Hines

  5. Danny,

    Thank you for sharing your presentation and seeking my opinion on your methods of presenting the material. I chose to view the Powerpoint presentation first and then reviewed the written blog material in order to contemplate the points that were most important to me. As a person with dyslexia, I appreciate both verbal and visual communications. It would also be more interesting to see you in a few clips, especially at the beginning and end of the presentation. This would make it more personal and credible. The slide changes could also be a bit more animated.


  6. Pat Oliver says:

    Great Job. Thanks for notifying me. I really prefer the visual over the text. I too would be interested in a pod cast. Keep up the good work and I will apply your points well made in the presentation.
    Pat Oliver

  7. Nicole Elliott says:

    Hi Danny,

    Thanks for sending me this link. I think the verbal/visual PPT is really a great tool when you have a captive audience and a few minutes to dedicate to viewing it, but I tend to read very fast and would enjoy either printing it out to read or sending it to my Blackberry to view when I have a minute of downtime waiting in line, etc. It’s great to have both formats available, but either way the content is helpful and relevant. Thanks again!


  8. Jonathon Breen says:

    Hi, Danny!
    Thank you for sharing this presentation with me. As always, I appreciate your presentations and perspectives. In reading some of the responses already posted, I agree that hearing the presentation has more impact than reading it alone. I do subscribe to regular podcasts, and would enjoy that format. The brief format is also effective, as it’s easy to find 5 minutes to dedicated to this, and the message is absorbed in full.

    Thanks again for including me! Please keep me posted of future installments!

  9. Hey Danny

    As usual you are a step and a half in front of everyone else,

    Visual makes it much more aappealing along with your explanations it ROCK

    Norm Z