Work in Outline View in PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint’s Normal View has two Tabs – Slide View and Outline View.  In this video lesson, I will share tips for getting the most out of Outline View.

For example:

  • Collapse or Expand the text for individual Slides or for all Slides in the presentation.
  • Create a “Summary Slide” containing the titles for each slide in your presentation.
  • Insert Hyperlinks to text on your “Summary Slide” to make it easy to navigate to an individual slide.

Here are the steps to follow in this video lesson:

  • In Normal View, choose the Outline Tab.
  • Be sure that the Outlining Toolbar is active. (View – Toolbars – Outlining) You can either “dock it” or make it a “floating toolbar.”
  • Experiment with Expand and Collapse – Individual slides (Double-click or Expand on the toolbar) or All slides in the presentation.
  • Create a Duplicate Slide – The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+D or choose Insert-Duplicate Slide.
  • To create a “Summary Slide” first select the slide icons for the slides you want. Then click the Summary Slide Icon on the Outlining Toolbar.
  • Create a “Hyperlink” to quickly navigate to individual slides. First select the text on the “Summary Slide” and then use the keyboard shortcut – Ctrl+K and choose “Place in this Document” and choose the slide.
  • You must be in Slide Show View in order to test your Hyperlink.

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