Use the =TODAY() Function to Identify Past Due Invoices

Here is another response to a viewer request. The letter asks for my help in identifying, counting and totaling the amount of “Past Due” invoices. In the viewer’s letter, she wanted me to use the =NOW() Function. This function returns the current date and time (Hour, Minute, Second) from your computer’s system clock. The =TODAY() Function is similar, but it returns only the current date. Both the =NOW() and =TODAY() Functions are “volatile.” This means that the value that they return will automatically update according to your computer’s system clock. This makes them excellent reference points in formulas that identify “Past Due” invoices.

In addition to using the =IF() Function to identify the invoices that are “Past Due,” I also demonstrate two other functions: =COUNTIF() to total the number of “Past Due” invoices and =SUMIF() to give me the total dollar amount that is “Past Due.” I recreate these formulas, this time, using “named cell ranges” in the formulas.

Finally, I show you a great new Filtering Feature in Excel 2007 – the ability to filter by time period e.g. “Next Week!”

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