Use Excel's =VLOOKUP() function to produce an invoice

Excel’s =VLOOKUP() function is used in almost every business form that we encounter – Customer invoices or Employee Payroll statements, etc. This short training video will show you how and when to use the Vertical Lookup function.

Here are the steps to follow in this Excel Video Training Lesson:

  1. The key to understanding the =VLOOKUP() function is to look for a “value” in the 1st column (leftmost) of a table array. So bear this in mind when you construct tables for Price lists, Employee Information, Inventories, etc.
  2. 3 Arguments are required. The 1st argument – “What value do you want to look up?” You can either enter a value or point to a cell reference.
  3. The 2nd argument asks for the location of the table array. Select the entire table, but NOT the column headers.
  4. The 3rd argument asks, “Once I have found the value in the table, what information do you want returned in your formula?” This is the Column indes i.e. counting from left to right, what is the 3 of the column that contains the information.
  5. The 4th argument is optional – enter “FALSE” if you require an exact matching value.

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