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You can download a Free Copy of my new “Popular Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel” as a PDF – CR – Updated Chart of Popular Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

And, you can also download a copy of my “Popular Keyboard Shortcuts for Word” as a PDF – CR – Chart of Word Keyboard Shortcuts

The Company Rocks is proud to offer a range of training courses designed to improve your business skills. Danny Rocks has developed and taught these skills over the course of his successful business career.

  • Each course is modular – they will stand on their own or can be taken sequentially. This gives you the most flexibility to choose the option that fits your individual or corporate needs.
  • Each course is designed to last for 60 minutes. They can be customized and extended to last for 90 to 120 minutes if necessary to fit your schedule.
  • The Company Rocks specializes in customization to fit your needs. We will meet with you to properly assess your individual needs before offering our training courses.
  • The Company Rocks understands the three discrete styles of learning – Visual, Aural and Kinesthetic. Each course incorporates all three styles. We follow a “Listen – Look – Try it” approach for each subject. Active participation is strongly encouraged.
  • Specific skill courses for software programs are designed to be “hand-on.” We strongly encourage each attendee to have access to a computer during the training.
  • The Company Rocks is happy to offer these courses to individuals on a one-to one or personal coach basis.
  • We will work with each client to determine the optimum venue and number of attendees for each training course.

I look forward to working with you to assess and improve your business skills. Each course description is available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. I encourage you to download and distribute them to your colleagues.

Kindly contact me via email: to discuss your needs and to obtain additional information, fee schedule and availability.These documents are in PDF format and may be viewed using the free Adobe Reader software.

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Excel Training

Making Presentations

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