Tools To Control Text On Slides

I want you to reduce the “Visual Clutter” on your PowerPoint Slides. You are not trying to write a “ransom note,” you are attempting to create a professional image.

PowerPoint has a great set of tools that you can use to enforce the Visual Style options that you set. In this video lesson, I demonstrate how to set up the style guides and then how to use PowerPoint’s tools to make the changes that conform to your rules.

Here are the steps to follow for this lesson:

  1. Go to the Tools Men and choose Options and then click the Spelling & Style Tab.
  2. On the Spelling & Style Tab choose Style Options.
  3. You can make your stylistic choices on the “Case & End Punctuation” tab and on the “Visual Clarity” tab. When you have made your choices, click OK.
  4. Back in Normal View, when you click in a Text Place holder, look for the Yellow Light Bulb. Click on it to see your options to conform to the style settings that you set.
  5. Also, look for the AutoFit Options Smart Tag. Choose the best option to change your style.

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