Tim Russert – A passion for life!

“Do what you love, love what you do and deliver more than you promise.”

– Harvey Mackay

Tim Russert did all of that and more – a lot more… He delivered much more than he promised.

The diagnosis that the cause of his death was from an enlarged heart is certainly appropriate.

Mr. Russert’s passing has hit me hard. I am a “political junkie” and it will be difficult to get through the presidential election campaign without his guidance and insight. Above all, we will miss his never-ending (it seemed) enthusiasm for the political process.

The New York Times’ obituaryfor Mr. Russert includes this vignette:

“Mr. Hunt, of Bloomberg News, said that in one of the last of their nearly weekly conversations, early this month, he and Mr. Russert relished the opportunity to cover this year’s presidential campaign. As his old friend recalled through tears Friday, Mr. Russert marveled, ‘Can you believe we get paid for this year?'”

“Do what you love; love what you do and deliver more than you promise.” – Harvey Mackay

What a great outlook on life and work and family.

There have been so many wonderful tributes to Mr. Russert. He influenced so many people. He was always “there” for them at important points in their lives – and our lives. He was a guiding force. He was always “present” … and now he is gone.

It is rare indeed to witness someone who truly loves every minute of life. Mr. Russert did. He always lit up a room or a television studio. He elevated the conversation. He raised all of us up – to a higher standard. He was truly a “force of nature.”

I will miss him. I will miss his passion, his energy, his professionalism. I will remember the words of encouragement that he offered his colleagues, “Go get’em pal!”


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