The NASCAR Approach to Saving Time in MS Excel

This morning, while I was teaching a class to use MS Excel 2003, a young man in the class called out, “I get it!”

I replied, “That’s great, Ian. What did you get?”

“It’s NASCAR!”

“NASCAR?” I replied – somewhat puzzled.

He explained. “In NASCAR Racing, the pit crews save a second here and a quarter of a second there. That’s how they win the race.”

So, there you go – “It’s NASCAR!” Saving a few seconds here and a few seconds there is how you win the business race. Watch this video to see how to save time when creating multiple formulas.

Here are the steps to follow in this video:

  1. To AutoSum BOTH the Columns AND the Rows with one-click of the mouse:
  2. Select the range of cells containing the values that you want to total PLUS the blank cells immediately to the RIGHT and immediately BELOW.
  3. Click the AutoSum ICON. Amaze your friends.
  4. If you like Keyboard Shortcuts. Instead of clicking the AutoSum Icon, use Alt+=

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