The Full-Service Mentality

I had a very pleasant experience yesterday – at a Gas Station, of all places!  When is the last time that you ever pulled into a full-service pump?  Rarely, I am sure.  Like most of us, you probably couldn’t afford to pay that premium price per gallon.

So imagine my surprise – shock, actually – when I saw two service attendant rush out to my car when I pulled up to the pump!  I quickly said, “Oh, I must be at the wrong pump, I want self-service.”  One attendant said, “No, you ARE at the self-serve pump, but would you like us to check your oil, water and tire pressure?”

By the time I recovered my composure, I saw that the other attendant was washing my windows.  Gosh … I haven’t experienced this level of service at a gas station since the price per gallon was well-below $1.00.

Why were they offering this premium service at the discounted price?  “Because it is our pleasure, sir!”

Expect the unexpected!

Now, this particular Gas Station is one of several along along side Interstate 5 in Oceanside, CA.  The station next door is undergoing a renovation – so the closest competitor, isn’t – for now.  So why are they offering such great service now?  When they don’t have to.

Simple!  Great service is a mind-set.  It is an attitude.  It is a habit.  You can’t just turn it off and on when competitive pressures build or let up.  Companies who deliver great service do so consistently.  It is their DNA.  They work hard at it.  Yes, they train their employees to deliver great service.  But, more important – they live great service.  Their actions – how they treat their customers, how they behave when no one is observing – that is the model.  A model for success.

You can bet that the next time I am down in Oceanside, CA I will choose the Gas Station that gave me the great service yesterday.  I want to reciprocate – I want to give back in return.  And return I will, again and again!

And I will tell others to patronize this gas station – they have earned my referral. They deserve the business!

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