How to Create Hyperlinks in Excel

Hyperlink Dialog Box in ExcelOne of my viewers – Ben from the UK – wrote to tell me that he needs to learn how to create Hyperlinks in Excel in preparation for a job interview this week. He asked me that, since he could not find a decent YouTube video on this topic, to create a tutorial demonstrating ow to create Hyperlinks in Excel.

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Topics Covered in this Excel Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to:

  • Create a simple Hyperlink to another worksheet in your Excel workbook
  • Create Hyperlinks that “Return you” to your main “Dashboard” worksheet
  • Hyperlink to other programs – e.g. PowerPoint
  • Create hyperlinks that direct a viewer to send you an E-Mail message
  • Hyperlinks to websites

I am the first to admit that the Insert / Edit Hyperlinks Dialog Box is confusing and “too busy” for my tastes. However, in this video tutorial, I demonstrate how to navigate through this Dialog Box and also, how to get te most out of it. For example, how to change the “text displayed” for the Hyperlink while working in the Dialog Box.

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Review for My 50 Best PowerPoint 2007 Tips DVD

I was pleasantly surprised to see my DVD, “The 50 Best Tips for PowerPoint 2007” reviewed today by noted author and speaker, Ellen Finkelstein.

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“The 50 Best Tips for Excel 2007” DVD is now on sale!

How to Create Custom PowerPoint Slide Shows

Do you carry around multiple versions of a PowerPoint file – one for each of your five customers? Have you ever carried the wrong version? Have you ever forgotten to update each version with the latest information?

If so, you need to learn how to create and run a PowerPoint Custom Slide Show. You can even hyperlink to custom shows within your main presentation! And, no more File Save As – you only use one file!

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Navigate to Excel Worksheets with Hyperlinks

I encourage my clients to organize their work in Excel workbooks by creating additional worksheets. Each worksheet should contain discrete information relating to your Excel project – e.g. Monthly or Quarterly budgets; Regional sales, or information about specific product lines.

A best practice is to rename each worksheet to reflect the information it contains. I also encourage clients to add a “Tab Color” to each worksheet. This makes it easy to identify the “Active” worksheet.

Many of my clients use 20 or more worksheets in their workbooks and they ask my help in navigating to a specific worksheet or cell range.

One strategy that I share with them is to create Hyperlinks to go to a specific worksheet. Another strategy involves naming specific cells or ranges. Once you have “named” a cell or a range, simply click the drop down arrow next to the Name box; select the named range and Excel takes you directly to that “Name.”

These are great time-savers and they boost productivity. Watch this video to see these techniques in action:

Here are the steps to follow in this Excel Video Lesson:

  1. Click a worksheet and then use Ctrl+Page Down to activate the next worksheet to the Right. Ctrl+Page Up activates the next worksheet to the Left.
  2. Create a new worksheet and give it a name like “Dashboard.” Type in text like “Link to XYZ Worksheet.”
  3. Ctrl+K opens the Create Hyperlink Dialog Box. Fist choose “Place in this Document.” Then select the name of the worksheet and click OK.
  4. The easiest way to “Name” a cell or a region is to highlight it and then go to the “Name Box” to type in a name. Names must begin with a letter and not use spaces. Click ENTER to register the name.
  5. Use the drop=down arrow next to the Name Box to find and go to a named cell or range. You can also create a hyperlink to a named cell or range.

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Work in Outline View in PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint’s Normal View has two Tabs – Slide View and Outline View.  In this video lesson, I will share tips for getting the most out of Outline View.

For example:

  • Collapse or Expand the text for individual Slides or for all Slides in the presentation.
  • Create a “Summary Slide” containing the titles for each slide in your presentation.
  • Insert Hyperlinks to text on your “Summary Slide” to make it easy to navigate to an individual slide.

Here are the steps to follow in this video lesson:

  • In Normal View, choose the Outline Tab.
  • Be sure that the Outlining Toolbar is active. (View – Toolbars – Outlining) You can either “dock it” or make it a “floating toolbar.”
  • Experiment with Expand and Collapse – Individual slides (Double-click or Expand on the toolbar) or All slides in the presentation.
  • Create a Duplicate Slide – The keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+D or choose Insert-Duplicate Slide.
  • To create a “Summary Slide” first select the slide icons for the slides you want. Then click the Summary Slide Icon on the Outlining Toolbar.
  • Create a “Hyperlink” to quickly navigate to individual slides. First select the text on the “Summary Slide” and then use the keyboard shortcut – Ctrl+K and choose “Place in this Document” and choose the slide.
  • You must be in Slide Show View in order to test your Hyperlink.

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I have posted several of my MS Excel 2003 Video Lessons on YouTube. The YouTube community votes  or rates individual videos. I’d like to share the results with you. To make it easy for you to view a video that interests you, I have established “Hyperlinks” to take you directly to that video lesson. Simply click on the title and you can view the tutorial.

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News! My DVD, “The 50 Best Tips for Excel 2007” is now available to purchase. I invite you to visit my online bookstore for more details.