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I just received a fabulous review, from one of my viewers, for my video tutorial, “9 Essential Skills for Excel 2010.”

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It’s really a master piece!!

Posted by Tamoghna on 8th Sep 2012

“I was a beta tester of “9 Essential Excel Skills- Excel 2010” by Danny Rocks. In one word this is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to master those essential skills which are required to use excel professionally. There are total 9 chapters which consist of a series of dense but brief video lessons.

The lessons have been planned in a careful way so that the viewers are introduced from simple to more complex topics.

Surely you are going to be amazed by the incredible picture and sound quality of the videos. I had a feeling as if I was watching an excel movie while putting my head phone. Danny has several qualities as an instructor. His pace of delivery and voice modulation is just fantastic and if you are not an absolute excel-newbie watching a video just one time is enough. Before starting each lesson he gives a brief introduction so that you can connect what you learned in the previous lesson. He also repeats and stresses some part which you will find really helpful.

Another great take away from this video tutorial is a bunch of great keyboard shortcuts and best excel practices which you can expect only from an excel veteran. Among so many other things I was left with surprise why I didn’t use “page layout view” and “vertical alignment formatting” before! Even if you are an advanced excel user surely you are going to learn a lot of useful tricks including some commonly encountered gotchas and how to avoid them.

I won’t be taken aback If this product goes every corner of the excel user community and becomes best seller in this field.”

Learn More About My Video Tutorial

I have produced the “9 Essential Skills for Excel 2010” in two formats:

Both versions include 4 hours of video instruction. 25 individual video tutorials. The Excel Practice files that I used while filming the video tutorials. A PDF of the Step-by-step Instructional Guide that I created for these video lessons.

Version for Excel 2007 Now Available!

DVD-ROM, "9 Essential Excel 2007 Skills"

DVD-ROM, “9 Essential Excel 2007 Skills”

I have just published “9 Essential Excel 2007 Skills” for DVD-ROM. Click to to get more information about my latest publication.

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Free Video Recording of Excel Keyboard Shortcuts to Download

I have just published a 50 Minute Video Recording on which I demonstrate the most popular Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel. The great news – for you – is that you can download this video recording for FREE! If you prefer to view this online, you can do so – for FREE!

Download My Excel Workbooks

Download my Workbooks

Download Excel Workbooks

In addition, I have published the Excel Workbooks, Adobe PDFs and PowerPoint files that I use during this 50 minute video online. You can access them – for FREE!

I store them as “public documents” for you to download on my “Sky Drive” at Windows Live! Here is the direct link:

In order to access these files, you will need a “free” Windows Live account (First Name, Last Name, email address). You can also use your HotMail account to login.

My Extended Length Video Recordings on WebEx

I have recently began to publish “extended length” video recordings at – This 50 Minute video is my 5th recording on the site. I offer it to you “free of charge.” However, you must register (fitst name, last name, email address) with WebEx by Cisco before you can download the recording or view the recording online.

In this format, I can offer “specialized instruction” for Excel Pivot Tables, Macros, Public Speaking Courses, etc. I can also offer instruction in older (Excel 2003) and newer (Excel 2010) programs. In addition, I can create a specialized recording “just for you.” Contact me to learn about how to organize this!

Landing Page for More Information

Links for Downloads

Information about Links and Downloads

Rather than repeat what I have already written, here is the link to the special Landing Page that I have created for this 50 minute video recording. On the Landing Page, I have included all of the direct links to the download pages for the video, the Excel files, PowerPoints and Adobe Acrobat documents that I used on this recording.

I invite you to view or download these new resources that I have made available. When you have a chance send me your comments, questions and suggestions for future recordings!

Danny Rocks

The Company Rocks

Watch This Video Lesson in High Definition

Click here to go to my DannyRocksExcels YouTube Channel where you can view this tutorial in High Definition.

Download My Excel Workbooks and Step-by-Step Instructional Manuals for Free!

Finally! I have figured out a way to allow my viewers to download the Excel Workbooks, Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations, etc. that I use in my video lessons. For the past few months, I have been able to give you a direct link to download the Adobe Acrobat files that I create. For example:

My problem has been that – Starting in Office 2007 –  the underlying file structure of each program (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) has changed and it is no longer possible to “Publish to the Web” the worksheets, documents and presentations that I offered in the past. I will spare you the boring details of why and how this has happened, because I have good news for you!

Enter, “The Cloud!”

Cloud Computing

You have probably seen or heard this advertising slogan recently. Here is how I have just discovered how “The Cloud” can work for both you and me:

Initially, I am uploading – and sharing – the workbooks, documents, PDFs, etc. that accompany the extended video recordings that I offer on my site.

This is a new development for me and The Company Rocks. I offer a series of extended length ( 25 minute to 60 minutes) video tutorials.

  • Intro to Pivot Tables in Excel 2007

    Information about this Video Recording


  • As I write this posting, I have 4 modules – each offered “free of charge” – for you to view and / or download.

Go to to see what I currently offer you!

  • As I gather feedback, activity, statistics, etc. I may extend the range of downloadable content that I create – My decision will depend upon your feedback, so please add your comments below in this posting!
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    I am on a journey to evolve the range and detail of the products and services that I offer you, my loyal viewers and subscribers. I wnat to be responsive to your needs. So, that meanrs that the more feedback that I get from you – my viewers and subscribers – the better I can structure my offerings. I welcome your feedback!

    Based on some great feedback from my viewers and subscribers, I have just begun to create a series of extended length ( 25 to 45 minutes) video tutorials. The initial tutorials will be offered “free of charge.” Other video tutorials will be carry a modest – I might add, aggressive – pricing model! My goal is to give you the product and content that you need at a price that is mutually acceptable! You, and your level of supposrt will tell me what is acceptable – please give me your feedback!

    Extended Video Tutorials Now Online

    You can now view or download – after registering – at WebEx by Cisco – for these video tutorials that I have posted:


    I hope that you find these links and videos helpful. Please add your feeback via the comments section below this post.


    Danny Rocks

    Video Tour My DVD – The 50 Best Tips for Excel 2007

    I invite you to join me on a four minute, seven second video tour of my new instructional DVD, “The 50 Best Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Excel 2007.”

    This DVD is different. If you want to learn Excel and you are pressed for time (and who isn’t these days?) this is the DVD for you. I give you over 5 1/2 hours of focused video instruction. The average length of each video lesson is 6 1/2 minutes! So you can find the topic that you want, learn it, and put it into practice at home or at work in under 10 minutes!

    As a bonus, I include the 50 Excel worksheets that I used to create and film the video lessons. Now you can practice the tips to master your new Excel skills!

    Follow this link if  you want to see the complete list of the 50 video lessons on my DVD.

    Are you ready to purchase “The 50 Best Tips for Excel 2007?” Follow this link to enter the online bookstore for The Company Rocks. This is a secure shopping site. And, I guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, I will refund you money – no questions asked!


    Danny Rocks

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    Group Data in Pivot Table for Quarterly Report

    During a recent Excel training class, one student asked me if was possible to create a Quarterly Summary Report in a Pivot Table. Yes, it is quite easy to do this – as you will see in the video.

    In the Data Set that we are using for this Pivot Table we have four territories and 12 months of sales for each territory over a one year period. The Months (Jan, Feb, etc.) are not actual dates (e.g.1/1/08,) they are Labels.

    In an earlier video, I showed you how easy it is to create new fields for Months, Quarters & Years from a Date field. Because our months are Labels, we will GROUP the Months to create the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarters in our Pivot Table.

    Here are the steps to follow in this lesson:

    1. Create a Pivot Table using the default settings in the Pivot Table Wizard. Place the Months in the Row area, the territory in the Column area, and the Sales in the Data area.
    2. Select the Labels January, February, March. On the Pivot Table drop-down menu select Group & Show Detail – Group.
    3. Rename the generic label (Group1) to 1st Qtr.
    4. Follow the same sequence of steps to create Groups for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarters.
    5. Rename the new, generic field (Month2) Quarter.
    6. Use the Toolbar Commands to Hide & Show Detail as desired.

    NEW! Download the Excel Practice file that I used in this video

    Search the Index of Excel Lessons to find my training video listed by topic

    New! Danny’s DVD Training Series, “The 50 Best Tips …” is now available at the online store for The Company Rocks

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    12 Excel Practice Files to Download

    I want to thank the viewers who emailed me and responded to the Poll on this blog. I have now uploaded 12 Excel Practice files to this blog. Follow this link to navigate to the Download Excel Practice files page.

    • Click on the Practice file that you are interested in.
    • Right-click the Icon to determine how and where to open the practice file.
    • The Practice files are saved as “Interactive Web Pages.” From here, you can decide to work with the file over the Internet or to save it to disk as an Excel Workbook.

    I will be adding additional Practice files – approximately three each week – so check back to locate the latest files that I have downloaded. If there is a particular file that you want to work with, email me your request – and I will make it available as quickly as I can.

    Thank you for your continuing support of The Company Rocks!

    Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

    Do You Want Copies of My Excel Workbooks?

    I have a question for you?

    I just added an “interactive copy” of my Excel Workbook for my video lesson – “Rearrange Your Columns – Sort from Left to Right”

    Here is the link to the workbook.

    My question is: Should I go back and add links to the Excel Workbooks for earlier lessons? To make it easy for you to respond, I have included a quick poll to the right sidebar on this page (at the bottom of the sidebar).

    Thanks in advance for your response!


    Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

    News! My DVD, “The 50 Best Tips for Excel 2007” is now available to purchase. I invite you to visit my online bookstore for more details.

    Perform "What-if" analysis with a 2 input Data Table

    Here are the steps to follow in this video lesson:

    1. Create a formula that references cells – e.g. =PMT(B4/12,B5,B3)
    2. To the right of this formula cell, enter a series of “substitute” values – e.g. 36, 48, 72 months.
    3. Directly below the formula cell, enter another series of “substitute” values – 4%, 4.5%, 5%, etc.
    4. Select the range of cells for the Data Table – starting with the formula cell.
    5. From the Excel Menu, choose Data, Table.
    6. For the “Row Input Cell,” click the cell in the original formula for which you want to “substitute” the row values in your Data Table.
    7. For the “Column Input Cell,” click the cell in the original formula for which you want to “substitute” the column values in your Data Table. Then click OK.

    NEW! Download the Excel Workbook that I Use in this Video:

    Find the video lesson that you want – Index to all Excel Topics

    News! My DVD, “The 50 Best Tips for Excel 2007” is now available to purchase. I invite you to visit my online bookstore for more details.