Speaking naturally requires practice – lots of practice

Writing is easier than speaking!

When you write, you can use a spell checker to correct your mistakes. When you speak – live – there is no way to “flub check” your mispronunciation. You can not recall a malaprop when you speak live.

You can pray that no one is recording your “YouTube” moment.

But, it is better that you “flub your lines” during you practice sessions. Plural.

I know this from personal experience. Over this past weekend, I have started to record a series of video lessons for this blog and my “Danny Rocks Excels” blog. Even after numerous practice sessions; rehearsing with a script; taping my practice sessions, I contined to stumble over key words.

Speaking is much more difficult than writing. Learning to speak so that your words flow naturally requires hours of practice. I know this. And, now, I have a keen appreciation of this topic!

I have written a few short articles on this subject. Click on the links below to access them.

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