Select Excel Data with Keyboard & Mouse-click Shortcuts

During a recent training class, I demonstrated several Keyboard and Mouse-click shortcuts for selecting and finding data. Several people in the class had “A-Ha” moments. So, I created this video lesson to share these shortcuts with you.

Here are the steps to follow in this Excel Video Lesson:

  1. To select all of the contiguous data cells, make one cell the “Active Cell”. Ctrl+A will then select all of the cells in that data block.
  2. If you then click Ctrl+A a second time, you will select every cell in the worksheet. This is handy when you need to “AutoFit the column width in the worksheet.
  3. Use Ctrl+End to go to the last cell in your data set. Ctrl+Home will return you to the Top cell in the data set.
  4. To find a blank cell in a column, position your mouse at the bottom of the “active cell” and double-click. This takes you to the last cell that contains data in that column.
  5. To select all of the cells w/ data in a column use the Ctrl+Shift+ Down Arrow. Use the appropriate Arrow Key to select cell containing data in a Row.
  6. Quickly copy a Formula to all of the cells in the column. Position the mouse in the lower right corner of the cell with the formula and double-click.

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NEW! Download the Excel Workbook file that I used in this lesson:

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