Save Time and Maintain Consistency When Entering Data

This is every company’s nightmare: You have a list of Customer Names that are entered in multiple worksheets by multiple employees. The (nightmare) result – you have multiple misspellings of the Customer Names! This is GIGO (“Garbage In, Garbage Out”). This is a mess!

This is preventable!

In this Excel Training Video I demonstrate three tips to save you time and help you to maintain consistency when entering long text labels into your worksheets. The Tips:

  1. Use Data Validation – Choose from a List
  2. Use a Named Constant  – you type =”Shortcut” and get the Customer Name spelled out correctly
  3. Use MS Office’s AutoCorrect Option – Create your “Replace and Replace With” in Excel and you can use it in Word and PowerPoint

Here are the steps to follow in this lesson:

  1. Enter the list of Customer Names in a worksheet. Highlight the list and type a NAME for this range into the Name Box. Remember to begin your Name with a letter and you can not use a Space in the Name.
  2. Tip # 1 – Use Data Validation – Allow – List. You can watch my lesson on Data Validation.
  3. Tip # 2 – Create a Named Constant. You can watch my lesson on Named Cells, Ranges & Constants.
  4. Tip # 3 – Use MS Office’s AutoCorrect Option – Go to Tools – AutoCorrect Options in any MS Office Program. For the “Replace” entry, type in your “Shortcut.” I like to make my 1st character an”_” so that it is easy to find, edit or replace. For the “Replace with” type in the full Customer Name. Remember to ht the SPACEBAR when you use this in Word & PowerPoint!

It is easy to find the Excel Training Video you want to view – Search my Index of Excel Topics

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